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Aladhin veg store opened its curtain few months back, it was our team's dream to offer the best and widest range of vegetables available at your comfortable time fresh and healthy to the community we are greatly concerned . And also to bring the sense of discovery and adventure in vegetables shopping.

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Largest online veg Market

Always Fresh

Freshly handpicked vegetables for your holistic physical health.

Keep You Healthy

Vegetarians tend to be more healthier, so you are gonna be.

Safe From Pesticides

Vegies are naturally home grown with utmost care to provide the customers the best products in the market.

Timing Delivery

Vegtarians are said to be in tune with nature, so that your lives happens effortlessly as nature is..

Why choose

Organic products?

Eating vegetables provides health benefits - people who eat more vegetables as part of an overall diet are likely to have comparatively high healthy physic. Vegetables provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body.

We, Indians have been the largest vegetarian population since human’s evolution, And fortunately we have been intellectually sharp and scientifically deep rooted community. Once again we welcome you to join the club and enrich yourself to achieve the highest possibilities in an effective way all through your life.

Being the vegetable consumer you are directly enhancing the lives of rural farmers, who are really the backbones of Indian subcontinent in the view of country’s economy and the food supply.